Exhibition of your own car at Old School Lifestyle

Would you like to showcase your own US car at Old School Lifestyle?

Is your car just that extra, more special, unique, original, rare, crazy custom or something completely different?

Then let it get a special seat in our special car exhibition at Old School Lifestyle!

The exhibition takes place in the Shipyard Halls in Elsinore and is therefore indoors.

As car owners, only you know if your greatest love is to be exhibited as something completely extra.

Initially, we are looking for individual exhibitors and not assembled club exhibitors.

Does it sounds like something for you, then don’t hesitate to send a photo of the car and a brief description to: [email protected]

Everyone is told if there is space and whether it fits into the exhibition.

We are looking forward to receiving all the fantastic cars for our exhibition!

PS. There will also be a trophy for the lucky winner of Peoples Choice + something else….

Send us an email with your inquiry