Retro og Vintage

Visit our standkeepers who sell everything from vintage jackets to convertible tops. Explore a unique culture and time pocket where you have the opportunity to find things you don't see elsewhere!

40s, 50s and 60s

Distributed in the area, you can visit the stands, who deals with clothing, art, bits and pieces that exude Old School Lifestyle. Visit a Feel Good environment, along with thousands of other cool people!

Retro market

The cities will boost of the most delicious Retro recycled items! Here's something for those who are looking for unique things for the home or maybe a "new" Retro bike?

Vintage market

Explore standard Vintage clothes, dresses and accessories all in common with the fact that soul, history and style have a huge impact.

Exhibitor/Standkeeper list

At Old School Lifestyle you can visit our many exhibitors and city holders. Come and be inspired!

Exhibitors/Standkeepers in 2019

The Old Garage
Vintage stand
Rockabilly, Pin Up and 50s
My 50s Closet
Rockabilly & 50s
Old Trash Vintage
Vintage stand