Traditional Tattoo

Become a part of the Old School Lifestyle experience. ”Traditional Tattoo Area” - Here you can experience the noble art and expression as a guest. It's about showing the best that is within Traditional Tattoo. "Quality is a stamp you build, so we have carefully selected 15 tattoo artists, all representing this style".

The Tattoo Area

Each Tattoo shop or single person who participates each has a work area of approx. 12 m2. If you need inspiration or maybe even under the needle, then here you have gathered some of the best tattoo artists! Each booth has half walls and tables for their portfolio, etc.

We create an atmosphere

With the construction of this special area, we set the framework for tattoo artists as well as guests. Everyone must have a good experience and have Old School Lifestyle all the way under the skin. We will continually make sure to treat the working people.

Tattooists exhibitors at Old School Lifestyle

Frank Rosenkilde

Frank is a very well-known person in the tattoo environment and runs the Bel Air Tattoo. Frank is a passionate man, both with the tattoo profession, old American cars and history. The tattoo story in Denmark lies Frank MANY forces with his exhibitions around the country. Storytelling about the tattoo story is fantastic and Denmark is from the start when you start communicating these robbery stories, and Frank Rosenkilde has a passion for it. 

Frank Rosenkilde has a plan to use the location in the old shipyard to precisely take this sailor’s angle at this historic site.

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Tattooists 2020

Kim Hall
Hall's Tattoo Parlour
Daniel Norin
Adventureland Tattoo
Jan Lobo
Lobo art
Peter Althoff
Bright Side Tattoo
Amina Charai
Bright Side Tattoo
Drew Horner
Living Art Tattoo
Mads Althoff
Ink Link Tattoo
Lille Mads
Ink Link Tattoo
Bel Air Tattoo
Hans Thomas Jensen
The Magic Lair

Tattooists 2019

Drew Horner
Living Art Tattoo
Mats Lyborg
Built To Last Tattoo
Mikael Harrstedt
Jacob Sørensen
The Boulevard Socialclub Tattooparlor
Lars Gramkow
Lucky Star Tattoo
Karl Wiman
Spider Tattoo
Henrik Röstberg
Göteborg Classic Tattooing
Svedige tattoos
Hall's Tattoo Parlour
Anders Køtter
Bel Air Tattoo