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Hard rock – Metal – Authentic Rockabilly.

Live at Old School Lifestyle

In 2015, Grumpynators released their debut album ‘Wonderland’, which was truth to the authentic motor billy sound! So it was no surprise that the album received an excellent response from both reviewers and fans. 

The music is enthralling and the sound is a mix of Volbeat, Motörhead, and Ramones – So you will have a hard time sitting still when these guys are playing.

The Copenhagen based band is known for delivering high energy on stage. You can expect Grumpynators to deliver a raw and unpolished performance – Full speed!

In terms of genre, there is a good mix of hard rock, metal and authentic rockabilly.

Johnny Horsepower

Rockabilly – Country – Western – Folk – Rock’n’Roll – 50’s music

Live at Old School Lifestyle

Johnny Horsepower are a true dedication to the original sound of Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two. These welldressed gentlemen are known for their intense live appearance and showmanship.

The performance together with the sound of the 50’s brings the young rebellion Johnny Cash back to “life” so to speak. Since their first live appearance in 2010 Johnny Horsepower have 4 albums and played around 500 Shows all over Europe.

The material is mainly songs from “Golden Age” of Johnny Cash (1955-1972).

Johnny Horsepower are the only cover of Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two in Europe that occasionally plays Shows with WS Holland – the original drummer of Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three (1960-2000).

Johnny Horsepower “Walk The Line” like no other Johnny Cash Tribute band in Europe.

Wild Wax Five

Swing – Western Swing – Rock’n’Roll

Live at Old School Lifestyle

Wild Wax Five is probably the only band of its kind in Denmark.

The band plays Swing, Western Swing and Rock’n’Roll from a bygone era. We’re talking late 40’s and early 50’s. Not so many of the big famous hits, but rather the lesser known rough gems from both big and small artists.

The root tribe, Wild Wax Combo, has played Ultra Rare Garage Rockabilly for more than 25 years, and has played countless times both in Denmark and abroad. The band is known for their explosive energy, swinging beat and visual expression. In this edition they are seasoned with Trond Clements, saxophone and Frank Rothstein, piano. For a couple of years Trond and Frank have had their own little duo called Rothstein / Clements Roots’n’Rumble. Both both individually and together.

So Ladies and Gentlemen: A new band has emerged: Wild Wax Five!

Be careful out there! It’s going to be crazy! It gets loud! It’s going to be smart! It’s going to be live! That’s Wild Wax Five!

Hola Ghost

Rock – Psychobilly – Flamencore – Punk

Live at Old School Lifestyle

The Copenhagen based band is especially known for their Soundtrack ‘Cannibal Flesh Riot!’ made for the short film of the same name. This soundtrack was also what brought the band together back in 2005.

The Danish psychobilly and surf band deliver crazy good live performances and a psycho atmosphere!

Hola Pete, Jeppe B, & Ghost 707 as the members are called like to dress up with Sombreros, Mariachi jackets, cartridge belts or painted Mexican death masks for their concerts.

You will therefore be able to experience an unpolished concert, with people living in the music. Their wild music, great talents and cool live performances also make Hola Ghost in demand and let them tour across Europe as well as the United States.

Juke joint Jumpers

Rockabilly – Country – Rythm & Blues

Live at Old School Lifestyle

In the last couple of years Juke Joint Jumpers have thrilled the audience with their energetic live performances at numerous concerts at both venues and parties in the Copenhagen area.

Juke Joint Jumpers play good old tracks by legends like Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Johnny Burnette, Elvis Presley and others. The musical cocktail is also spiced up with a splash of country – topped off with a sprinkle of Rhythm & Blues.

All members have played in other Rockabilly bands, before they teamed up in Juke Joint Jumpers – so we guarantee of a swinging evening in the company of the four gentlemen.

At the microphone stands Rune Jacob Ahn with his hefty vocals and energetic performance that brings back memories of Elvis and Little Richard.

The rest of the team consists of: Paolo Molinari on bass, Peter Stryg on drums and Lars O’Nielsen on electric guitar.

Simon Raun

Simple – Dynamic – unpolished – electric bluesy one-man Rock’N’Roll

Live at Old School Lifestyle

With vocals, guitar, stompbox and tambourine board Simon Raun pumps through a wonderful mix of his own tracks and covers of Slim Harpo, Howlin’Wolf, Bo Didley, Stooges, Stones, Sonny Boy Williamson, Eddie Cochran and more.

We strongly doubt that you will find others in today’s Denmark that sound like this. His debut EP is out on Swedish Heptown Records.

Check Simon out:

Video from rehearsal (own number)

Teaser for EP (Heptown Records)

Live (own number)

Live (howlin’ wolf)


Rockabilly – 50’s – Rock’N’Roll –

Live at Old School Lifestyle

Billybobbers makes it possible to relive the unforgettable 50’s and plays rock ‘n’ roll as it was played iback then. Songs by Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, are served in an authentic and up-to-date stage show that truly sends the audience on a journey back to the roots of rock!

Live, the band is a particularly uplifting experience thanks to a committed and energetic stage performance. It’s simply hard to keep your feet calm when Billybobbers pushes it off with the good old 50s hits.

Billybobbers mixes all this with their own compositions.

Are you into bold rock’n’roll and true rockabilly you should chalk up the dance shoes and get out of the house as the bobbers take you on a musical journey September 11th-12th 2020 at Old School Lifestyle. Well, One for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready, now go, cat.

Check Billybobbers out:

Billybobbers live on stage

Billybobbers with their own number in the radio