Cars & Bikes

We gather the COOLEST cars & bikes within the Old School environment. Our exhibition contains something for everyone. Some of Scandinavia's coolest custom cars & bikes are assembled in the yard halls at the Old School Lifestyle event.

Want to showcase your bike or car?

We exhibit for both private and car collectors. Do you have a cool car or bike that you would like to showcase that you think matches Old School Lifestyle? Send an email with pictures to: [email protected]

Huge exhibition outdoors and indoors

There will be collectors, private and experienced exhibitors when the Shipyard in Helsingør is transformed into a HUGE exhibition area. Both indoors and outdoors, they are filled up with nice cars and cool bikes.

What can you expect?

You will be able to experience some of the most popular and unique bikes and bikes assembled in one place. We have ambassadors throughout the Nordic countries who spend a lot of time selecting the VERY BEST cars and bikes for our exhibition.

No matter if you are a veteran, classic or custom car, this show will be a great experience. We exhibit both US and EU Cars & Bikes, for private and collectors.

both US and EU cars

Custom “Pedal” Bikes

The whole weekend is also in the characters of the bikes! Come and experience the cool Custom Bikes from Piddle Bicycle Club. Aalborg and Copenhagen custom cruisers!

Piddle Bicycle Club. Aalborg and Copenhagen custom cruisers, 2 of Denmark’s leading clubs attends Old School Lifestyle and makes an exhibition together.

A growing culture with strong roots for the Old School trend. There are a lot of passionate “pedal cruisers” who will show and tell about this lifestyle.

We look forward to Old School Lifestyle about the addition of this exhibition.

Exhibitors & workshops etc.

Exhibitors/Standkeepers in 2020

Søren Teil

Ambassador for MC at Old School Lifestyle

When Søren became an ambassador for the MC department at Old School Lifestyle, he wants to make it clear that we are looking for some very special old school bikes.

What can we offer and who are we and what is Old School Lifestyle? You see, we intend to become a phenomenon more than a business, a family more than a team, a dream more than an idea. We, like various costume shows (which Søren personally participates in) cannot offer any major sponsorship gifts or anything but the opportunity to be part of the wonderful feeling of building some traditions. However, there will be an award to go after produced by other artistic participants, so this will be something we can all remember.

So if you have something in your garage that just screams oldschool or better yet, just a mere handover from before, send Søren a picture and some words to his email [email protected]

The oldschool term is not meant to be a special era, so bring on the goodies if it’s the best of the best!

Søren is also a Crewmember at Old School Lifestyle The Club.

Exhibitors/Standkeepers in 2019


Pinstriping and custom graphics

One of Europe’s best PinStripers comes to Old School Lifestyle.

Mr. Platu from Finland aka The Godfather of Kustom Kulture. Come and experience when the man himself works.

You can also try to book him, maybe you have a car, motorcycle, bag or something else he should put a touch on! But hurry up, the first tasks are already booked

Send him a mail at [email protected] and get a deal when he guests Old School Lifestyle April 27th and 28th


Airbrush Painting

Does your car, bike, sign or other need a proper airbrush painting?

Then you can safely leave it to Capper!

Capper is the master of airbrush painting of everything you can dream of and you can find him at Old School Lifestyle where he will work with his masterpieces.

Peter Thau & Co. – Cartek

American cars

It doesn’t get more heavy than this!

Peter Thau & Co. from Cartek is present with a stand + this almost unreal engine! The car will be part of the program and will start up 2 times Saturday and 1-2 times Sunday!

Do not miss this car when it…hold on 16.4 liter engine with more than 1600 horsepowers turns on.