Awards 2019

Each year, a personality is selected that does something extra for one or more of our niche environments. The person is praised for his work and dedication. The Award itself is created by an artist selected by Old School Lifestyle. Creating one of these awards is an honor and a story in our communities. We therefore also pay tribute to the creator of this year's award.

Frank Rosenkilde

Frank Rosenkilde spends tremendous time and effort documenting the Danish history and location within the tattoo culture.

The history of tattooing is a cultural heritage that Frank constantly documents with, like getting times and people placed on a timeline. This is done in factual descriptions as well as word of mouth stories that help to place and highlight all the fantastic personalities in the profession that we have and have had over time.

It is crucial and extremely important knowledge to document such an old subject, where Denmark has a significant importance in world history.

Frank is among the only people in Denmark to map this important cultural heritage and it is therefore obvious that the Award goes to Frank, as a great recognition for this particular work.

This work is SO important for the present and very important for the future documentation, the history books and the stories of Denmark’s tattoo history.

THANK YOU Frank Rosenkilde for the great effort!

Frank Rosenkilde is the owner of Bel Air Tattoo as well as the Tattoo Museum on the same address.

Frank is also a big part of the culture within Tattoo and has a great passion and knowledge about Old School Cars.


The Award:

Selected to create the first Award 2019 was Pinstriper PLATU from Finland.

PLATU is a recognized Pinstriper and organizer of the Kustom Culture Show Finland. It is an honor for us and PLATU to create this first Award for Old School Lifestyle.

Thanks to PLATU!

Thank you to Dickies and the Artist Yo

They created and donated a fantastic painting to and of Frank Rosenkilde.

It really fits his shop and it meant a lot.

Thank you friends!