Old School Lifestyle

September 11th & 12th

Join the giant Vintage & Retro market, Live Music, Workshops, Afterparty, Pin-up Girls, Barbershop & Hair and not to forget the delicious food and the cold drinks.

En samling af en række niche kulturer, som bl. a.
omhandler Rockabilly, Country, Rock n Roll,
Amerikaner biler, Tattoo, Vintage & Retro Marked,
motorcykler og meget mere.

Old School Lifestyle20.000 kvm overdækket areal i rustikke omgivelser

Sponsors and Partners 2020

Det bedste fra nicherne, tiden og kulturerne.

Old School Lifestyle is a collection of niche cultures, such as deals with Rockabilly, Country, Rock n Roll, American Cars, Tattoo, Vintage Market, Motorcycles and more. As a visitor, you enter directly into a Feel Good environment with thousands of other cool people.

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Practical information on vintage cars

Practical information for anyone who comes with vintage cars for Old School Lifestyle!

ALL vintage cars and motorcycles have free parking so you can park with respect for the car.

Park in the limelight of the yard and with Kronborg in the background.